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All Digital X-Ray Imaging

Digital x-ray imaging, or digital radiography, is a form of x-ray imaging where digital x-ray sensors are used instead of photographic film. Images are available immediately and images can be colorized, magnified or examined for density to further assist the doctor in getting an overall picture of the current state of your teeth, mouth, and jaw. Digital x-rays can also reduce the radiation exposure to our patients, and are therefore the safest and most effective means of diagnosing a patient in order to ensure they receive the treatment they need.

We have also added a new 3D Cone Beam CT or CBCT. This allows us to examine the teeth, jaws, joints, and airways in a 3D format which in turn enables us to diagnose at the optimum level. The CBCT offers a very low dose of radiation that ensures patient safety while providing more diagnostic data to help each patient adhere the best care.

Digital Xray Mouth Xray

Complimentary Digital Smile Makeovers

There are no limits as to what technology can do these days, and changing your smile is no exception! With modern Digital Smile Makeover Software, we are able to take a picture of you and have your smile transformed in just a few minutes. Whether you are considering whitening, implants, braces, or just about any other dental procedure, we can show you the ultimate result before you have any work done! We offer a free digital smile makeover at every appointment, so there are no extra charges to show you exactly how stunning your smile can be.

Before and After - Fixed Smile

Whether you are considering a full mouth reconstruction or simply a whitening session, a digital smile makeover can make the decision much easier.

Before and After - Gap Fix

Before and After - Whitening

Sleep Dentistry Options

More Information Coming Soon.

Intraoral Cameras: To Go Where Digital X-Rays Can't

 Typically, x-rays are the primary tool used for an in-depth look at the mouth and teeth, but there are often visible surface indicators of oral hygiene that do not show up on x-ray images.

Intraoral cameras are highly advanced pieces of diagnostic equipment that can show you and our clinical team the exact condition of your mouth. The camera is about the size of a dental mirror and can provide you with magnification of specific areas, or an entire video tour of your teeth and mouth.


Exclusive Complimentary Comfort Menu

At our practice, we are determined change the public perception of dentistry by making each and every one of your visits a comfortable and relaxing experience. We are able to offer a comfort menu to each of our patients upon their visit, which helps us to ensure that they feel as calm and secure as possible. We have worked diligently to provide the most accommodating features for all of our patients, and we are constantly adding new amenities. Upon your visit, please let one of our team members know if there is anything we can do to make your visit more comfortable! 

Complimentary Comfort Menu