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Surgical & Restorative Implants

Here at John L. Gravitte, D.D.S., P.A., we are proud to offer dental implants to our patients as one of the most advanced services in the dental field. Our doctors have familiarized themselves with the implant process through continuing education courses and seminars to ensure they are providing you with the most up-to-date and efficient care possible. Implants are a safe, permanent way to replace a single tooth or multiple teeth without the temporary and removable aspect of dentures. Though dentures are highly effective, implants are an innovative way to completely replace a tooth that has been damaged or removed. With the addition of Cone Beam Radiography, implants are a safe and highly achievable option for single or multiple tooth replacement.

Dental Implant Diagram

Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full mouth reconstruction takes into consideration all aspects of the mouth, from the teeth to the gums to the jaw itself. It is the process of rebuilding or simultaneously restoring all of the teeth in both the upper and lower jaws. If you believe you may need a full mouth reconstruction, schedule your appointment today for a comprehensive examination. Our doctors will examine your mouth to determine the extent of the problem, and once it is discovered, we will provide you with a treatment plan that will get your smile back on track in no time.

Issues that may lead to full mouth reconstruction may include trauma to teeth, extensive tooth decay, fractures or injuries to teeth or ongoing complaints of jaw, muscle and headache pain. A comprehensive consultation with one of our doctors is the first step in determining if you are a candidate for full mouth reconstruction.

Reconstruction Before and After

Dentures (Full & Partial)

Dentures are removable replacements for missing teeth and their surrounding tissues. Dentures are available in full and partial models. Full dentures are required when all teeth are missing, but if some teeth remain, partial dentures may be used. Full dentures are fitted to the mouth and may be supported by an adhesive to keep them in place. Partial dentures are removable and supported by one or more teeth.

Next-Day Repairs & Relines

Your comfort is our top priority so we offer fast repairs of your dental appliances. “Relining” refers to a process where we resurface part of a denture to improve its fit for comfort and performance. This is a process that we are committed to complete in a timely manner in order to maintain your satisfaction with all of your dental appliances.


Learn About IV-Sedation Dentistry!

In addition to Nitrous Oxide Sedation, we also offer IV Sedation Dentistry! On select dates, Dr. Brant Arnold performs Oral Surgery services and Sedation Dentistry at our facility. Dr. Arnold is a general dentist traveling from Sparta, NC to provide his services to the surrounding area. Contact Us to Schedule your consultation with Dr. Arnold!

Extractions (Third Molar-Wisdom Teeth)

Painless Tooth Extractions Using a Local Anesthetic

If a tooth has been broken or damaged beyond repair by decay, trust our doctors here at John L. Gravitte D.D.S., P.A. to perform a relaxed tooth extraction. This procedure is usually done with local anesthetic to eliminate pain and discomfort for the patient. Whether your tooth is damaged or has decayed due to periodontal, or gum disease, our office is the place to visit.

Tooth extraction consists of removing a tooth from the mouth. We can ensure an easy and comfortable extraction with nitrous oxide sedation. We will also discuss alternative treatments if an extraction is not the right treatment for you. Contact us today for an extraction consultation!

Tooth Ache

Crowns, Bridges & Veneers

Crowns, Bridges, and Veneers are 3 options that you should consider when you are looking to improve your smile.  These services have the ability to repair teeth, straighten, replace, and even whiten your existing teeth! If you have questions about any of these treatments, our Doctors will be happy to sit down and discuss your individual treatment options and what would be best for your smile.


Crowns are tooth-shaped covers or "caps" that are placed over teeth to improve appearance, restore strength and shape, or cover a dental implant. Materials for crowns include metal, porcelain-fused-to-metal, all-resin, or porcelain fused to ceramic.


Bridges are used to replace a missing tooth or multiple missing teeth. A bridge consists of crowns placed on the teeth located on either side of the missing tooth spaces with a false tooth or teeth connected in the middle, bridging the gap between the two teeth. Bridges can help restore a full smile, as well as the ability to chew and speak properly.


Dental veneers (sometimes called porcelain veneers or dental porcelain laminates) are wafer-thin, custom-made shells of tooth-colored materials designed to cover the front surface of teeth to improve your appearance. These shells are bonded to the front of the tooth, changing their color, shape, size, or length. Dental veneers can be made of porcelain or from resin composite materials. Here at John L. Gravitte D.D.S., P.A., our team will work with you to decide the best choice of veneer material for you.

Teeth Before and After

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal treatments are performed when decay will likely damage or has already damaged pulp. During a root canal, the pulp nerve is removed from the center of a tooth, and the cavity is filled. Root canals are usually done to prevent infection and relieve pain. Millions of teeth are treated and saved each year with endodontic treatment such as a root canal. Give us a call today to learn how root canal therapy can relieve your tooth pain and save your smile.

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